Associated Name Search Help

What is "Search for Associated Businesses"?

This search allows you to enter a registry number to find all entities that are associated with that business entity. Or, if you are searching for a business by name, when your business name is returned, you may simply click on the word "search" next to the name to see the associated business names. If there is no "search" next to the name it is because there are no associated business names for this entity.

For example; If you wanted to see all entities the corporation(old) 'ABC, Inc.' was associated with, you would either enter their registry number or, look up ABC, Inc. by name and click on the word "search" listed after the business name. A list will be displayed that will show you all the entities that specific corporation(old) is associated with.

Search Style

You have the option of choosing the specific associated name type you are interested in or choosing "All". You also have the option of choosing only Active entities, only Inactive entities or both. The default is "All Associated Name Types" and "Active Businesses only".

Some examples of when to use this search are:

          You know of a corporation(old) that is a service company and you wish to see all entities on which that
          corporation(old) shows as the Registered Agent.

          You know of a corporation(old) that uses several different Assumed Business Names but you aren't
          sure of the names.

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